Today, the whole country's seeing the Congress' hypocrisy
Amit Shah

Amit Shah Writes Blog Post Flogging Congress Party For Obstructing 'Temple Of Democracy'

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  • BJP party president Amit Shah has penned a blog post slamming the Congress for blocking Parliament in the Budget session
  • In his post, Shah has calculated the cost to the exchequer, as well as the methods applied to obstruct the functioning of the houses
  • The Prime Minister, Amit Shah and other senior government leaders are fasting in protest against the Opposition for blocking Parliament

BJP party president Amit Shah on Thursday penned a blog post about his, the Prime Minister's and other BJP leaders' day-long fast against the Opposition for not allowing Parliament to function effectively in the recently concluded Budget Session which was the least productive since the year 2000.

Shah begins by elaborating on the importance of Parliament, calling it the 'Temple of Democracy' where all policies and planning originate. He spoke about the need to debate to create politics, and how the Opposition also has a critical role to play. On this occasion, however, the Congress spoilt the atmosphere and obstructed the entire session, Shah says.

"The people of democracy will never forgive them for their irresponsible attitude", Shah writes.

He proceeds to write about how the Congress has mastered obstruction and abandoned any form of concern for the people.

"Instead of debating, they took up the task of hampering work" 

Every senior minister assured that the house should be allowed to run, Shah writes, naming the various issues that were meant to be debated, including the PNB Bank scam, Cauvery issue, special category status for Andhra Pradesh as well as the no-confidence motion. 

"First commotion outside the house, then ruckus outside the house"

It is clear that the Congress came to the house only for the purpose of commotion and started committing a ruckus as soon as it started, Shah writes, adding that the Congress' purpose is politics of instability.

The heads of both houses, as well as the President, have appealed from calm, and despite this, the obstructing MPs reached the well of the house dashing the hopes of crores of Indians who wish for debates on welfare schemes.

"Some Opposition parties were also involved in tune with the Congress"

He then provides the result of the obstruction:

The result of this was that 22 working days were completely wasted in the second part of the budget session. Due to the ruckus in Rajya Sabha, 121 hours in the second phase of the budget session and about 128 hours in the Lok Sabha were wasted. A large budget is also spent to run the Parliament session. The cost per hour of running Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha comes to Rs. 1.57 and Rs. 1.10 crore respectively. Therefore, due to the irresponsible attitude of the Congress and the opposition, only in the second phase of the budget session, due to the disruption of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha about 133 crore and about Rs. 200 crore rupees in the Lok Sabha were wasted.

He says, that as a result, the party's MPs decided to not take salaries in the second phase of the Budget session.

He goes on to speak about the Prime Minister, citing how the obstruction politics caused him to bow his head in Parliament for the first time.

Further, he says that the Budget session was brought forward in order to accelerate the economic development of the country, but that the Congress doesn't want the government schemes to speed up.

"Today, the whole country's seeing the Congress' hypocrisy. We are placing the Congress' hypocrisy before the people of the country so that they know that the people who they are sending as representatives are, rather than working for them, attempting to impede the work that the government is doing."

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