This is a symbolic fast, not an indefinite fast
Arvinder Singh Lovely

Chole Bhature Was Before "symbolic" Fast, Says Congress' Lovely. Logic Gets Panned On Social Media

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  • Congress' Arvinder Singh Lovely has admitted that he and other party leaders ate Chole Bhature before the Unity rally fast at Rajghat
  • Lovely has said that they ate before the fast was to begin, and that it was a 'symbolic' fast, not an 'indefinite fast'
  • The 'symbolic fast' logic has been panned by Twitter users

Netizens have slammed Congress leader Arvinder Singh Lovely for his remarks about the massive controversy that has erupted after he and a number of other party leaders were photographed eating Chole Bhature before the party's Unity rally fast to promote communal unity at Rajghat on Monday.

"What is the time of the fast?", Lovely asked, answering himself: "10:30 am to 4:30 pm." 

"We're here since 8:00 am and it was before the fast. That is their problem", he said, adding the following: 

"This is a symbolic fast, not an indefinite fast." 

"The photo is from before 8:00 am", Lovely defended, attempting to counter-attack the BJP: "The problem is that instead of running the country, they're concerned about when we're eating."

Twitter users hit out at Lovely's "symbolic fast" logic:

Earlier, a pair of controversies had erupted at the Congress party's Unity rally fast. Delhi BJP leader Harish Khurana had tweeted a picture of Congress leaders eating Chole Bhature at a restaurant before the fast and the same leaders were also photographed seated next to Rahul Gandhi at Rajghat.

Before that, 1984 anti-Sikh riots accused Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar's presence at the rally to promote communal unity had kicked off a storm and the pair were allegedly asked to leave the stage.



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