The country needs to be fixed. Joining Congress.
Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat Is 'Joining The Congress' And People Say The Resulting Book Will Be Called "The Biggest Mistake Of My Life"

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Chetan Bhagat is 'joining the Congress' on April 1
  • The 2 States author is committing the 'Biggest mistake of his life', as per some
  • He's quite unapologetic about his move

Chetan Bhagat has delivered a boon on social media by joining the procession of April Fool's jokes being played on Sunday!

The bestselling author took to Twitter to issue notification of what would have been a blockbuster political move!

He's written:

"Couldn’t take it anymore. The country needs to be fixed. Joining Congress. Will be supporting their Karnataka campaign. With RG, let’s make a better India. Need your blessings in what is a big move for me."

He's also appended what one would expect to be an official press release, but is anything but!

As you can expect, there are a wide variety of responses to this 'announcement', from those who fell for it as well as those who were wise!

Here are a few (no names mentioned but verbatim):

  • "But u have made mistake by joining  congress ,how u can support a corrupt party , we were not accepting this from u"
  • "Wrong move also unexpected from u .. I have read many articles before u were against them how come just for being into power u r supporting these corrupted party and praising RG who dun even know what India wants ? Think thousand times before u make it officially"
  • "Sir, I love the stories u build..just wanna flow with d stories...and not interested in these political me, u r just an author ❤"
  • "Unexpected and shocking for many of your fans...Great writer must not indulge in dirty politics.."
  • "Suggestion for your next book. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE."
  • "Nice April Fool Joke 😊😊😊"
  • "Chetan Bhai we have stopped being fooled from 2014 😜"
  • "Don't joke like this. @divyaspandana will take a screen shot and promote @INCIndia saying Chetan Bhagat is contesting on congress ticket"
  • "#HappyJumlaDivas. I used to read your books but have stopped it and do not purchase your books any more. People who support autocratic leadership can't be a role model. Good luck to you."
  • "I will unfollow you, Congress ne desh ko bhech Diya aur aap Congress join kar rahe ho, batao modi je acche pm hai ya lalu or Rahul or mulayam. I hate you for joining congress"
  • "People's anger on this particular tweet (without opening the attachment) of urs shows their love and connectivity with you sir, u r loved so much not only coz u r a wonderful writer but it is coz u r an excellent human being and TRUE INDIA!! LOVE U BOSS!"
  • "2 min silence for those who writing without open the link🤣🤣🤣"
  • "One of the best April fool pranks ever, many have fallen for it.  But if you wanted everyone to be fooled you should have said you were joining BJP, not a single person would have disbelieved you!"
  • "Good luck ! You are a revolutioner in writing may it works in politics ..good for India !!"
  • "Wise people too act foolish."
  • "Pls join BJP on fools day bcoz it will suit u, joke is appreciated but d reality is way different , hope Karma doesn’t let u one day do d same wat u actually joked abt it !!"
  • "It's the last thing any sensible person could expect from a thinkar like you. Unfollowing you. Now. How could you support biologically corrupt party and a leader who is the most ineligible, can't even pronounce things properly, leave alone inspire anyone."
  • "@chetan_bhagat Ah! Again made Poor choice... Was @ArvindKejriwal not better than them?"

The 5 Point Someone author also responded to a few people:


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