So-called Surgical Strikes are nothing but a figment of Indian imagination
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WATCH: Pakistan Issues First Response To PM Modi's Stern Warning; Remains In Denial Over Surgical Strikes

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  • Pakistan has replied to PM Modi's stern warning to it over its 'terrorism exports'
  • The Pak MoFA has continued its policy of denying that the Surgical Strikes had taken place
  • PM Modi, when answering a question about Surgical Strikes, had said that he knew how to answer Pakistan in its own language

The Pakistan government has given its first response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's stern warning to 'terror exporters' which was issued when he was replying to a question about Surgical Strikes in London.

At the massive Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath event in London on Wednesday night, among other things, PM Modi had said that he knew how to answer Pakistan in their own language.

When asked for his response to PM Modi's statement by a Republic TV reporter, Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal, incredibly, continued to deny that the Surgical Strikes had ever happened.

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Starting his response with a verse of 'Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab humaare dil me hai...', the Pak spokesperson added:

"The statements coming from there should be a cause for concern for the international community. The massacre that is happening in Kashmir must be stopped."

"We have categorically dismissed the farcical allegations of the so-called Surgical Strikes which is nothing but a figment of Indian imagination and a tenuous relationship with the truth."

"Constant repetition of a fallacious claim doesn't make it real. The Indian government is increasingly sounding like a broken record. The Indian government has come under immense criticism about the brutal Kathua rape." 

The Surgical Strikes had been carried out by Indian forces on September 29, 2016, eleven days after the terrorist attack at Uri where 19 Jawans had been martyred by Pakistani terrorists. Pakistan's terror launchpads were decimated in the Surgical Strikes and significant casualties were inflicted. Pakistan, however, rejected the notion that there had been any attack or any casualties, a policy it appears to be set on continuing even 31 months on. 

Speaking at Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath, PM Modi had said:

 "India has a history of thousands of years. In no era did India try to annex someone else's land. In WW1 and WW2, we didn't want a single inch of land from anyone, but 1.5 lakh Indian soldiers were martyred... a huge sacrifice." 

"UN peacekeeping force today has the biggest participation from a proud India. Our character has been to win, to not lose, but not to take something from someone to whom it rightfully belongs. We saw this when Lord Ram and Lakshman left Lanka."

"But when someone is sitting and running a terrorism industry and sits ready to attack India's innocent citizens... Doesn't have the strength to fight a war but knows how to attack when our back is turned... This is Modi. He knows how to answer them in their own language." ("Yeh Modi hai, usi bhasha meinjawab dena janta hai")

"Our jawaans were attacked as they slept in their tents. Will anyone want that I stay quiet? Should bricks not be replied with stones? That's why we did Surgical Strikes. I am proud of my Army and my Jawans."

"The plan that was formed, it was carried out 100% without a single mistake, and they returned before sunrise."

"And look at our largeheartedness. I said before India finds out, before media reaches, phone Pakistan's Army and tell them that we have done this, these bodies can be found there, if you have time go and retrieve them."

"From 11 am we were trying to call them, they were scared of coming to the phone. I'd called media, our Army officers were there, there was confusion. But I said journalists should wait."

"At noon, they came on the phone. We spoke to them. Told them this has happened. And after that we told the people of India that it was the Indian Army's right to claim justice, and we did so."

"Terrorism exporters should know that India has changed"

Earlier on Wednesday, India and the UK had named and shamed Pak-based terrorist organisations in the joint statement issued after PM Modi's meeting with his counterpart Theresa May. 

Watch what the Pak MoFA spokesperson had to say in the video above.

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