Rahul Gandhi fictitiously revoked the SC/ST Act to incite hatred in society
Amit Shah

SENSATIONAL: Amit Shah Shows Video Proof That Rahul Gandhi Lied On SC/ST Act In Public Forum

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Amit Shah has issued a video of Rahul Gandhi speaking about the SC/ST Act at a public forum
  • In the video, Rahul Gandhi can be heard saying that the government 'scrapped' the SC/ST Act
  • Shah has accused the Congress president of 'inciting hatred in society'

Just days after Bharat Bandh 'protests' caused the deaths of 8 persons and rampant destruction of public property in many cities and towns across the country, BJP party president Amit Shah has tweeted what he alleges is video proof of Rahul Gandhi lying about the SC/ST act at a public forum.

In the video, Rahul Gandhi is seen saying that the SC/ST act has been scrapped, and in the caption, Amit Shah has accused Rahul Gandhi of inciting hatred in society.

What's more, the Congress had tweeted to the same effect from its official handle:

"Rohit Vemula gets killed, Dalits are beaten in Gujarat, ST/SC Act is scrapped, but Modiji doesn't say a word: Congress president Rahul Gandhi"

On the day of the 'protest', even as the country suffered debilitating riots, Rahul Gandhi had taken the opportunity to attack the Modi government, writing:

"Keeping Dalits at the lowest rung of Indian society is in the DNA of the Modi government. Those who challenge this philosophy face violence.

Our Dalit brothers and sisters are on the streets today asking the Modi government to safeguard their rights. 

We salute them."

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The politicisation of the matter was even more alarming as it was actually the Supreme Court that had allegedly 'diluted' the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act in its March 20 judgment, not any government. 

In the video shared by Amit Shah, however, Rahul Gandhi, campaigning in Karnataka on April 3, clearly accuses the Modi government of scrapping the act altogether.

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