Nobody can guarantee anything in this world
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CBSE Makes Re-examination Announcement For Class 10 And 12. Details And Dates Here

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  • The CBSE held a briefing on Friday about the re-exams for the leaked board exam papers
  • The Class XII Economics re-exam will be held pan-India on April 25, the CBSE said
  • The Class X Maths exam, if required, will be held only in Delhi and Haryana and a decision would be taken within 15 days. A re-exam will be held in July, if required

The CBSE on Friday held a news briefing over the board exam question paper leaks and announced the following regarding the re-exams:

Class XII:

The Class XII Economics re-exam will be held all over India on April 25

Class X:

The Class X Mathematics re-exam, if required, will be held only in Delhi and Haryana. A decision will be taken within 15 days. If needed, the re-exam will take place in July.

"Consequent to Class XII exams, students have to go to universities. There was no time available to determine where the leak had happened. We had to announce the dates of the re-exam." - Anil Swarup

The CBSE also expounded on a two-level inquiry into the paper leaks. One by the police, and one, departmentally. It said that there was no leak outside India and that there would be no re-tests outside India.

Addressing the briefing, Anil Swarup, Secretary, School Education and Literacy in the HRD Ministry, accompanied by CBSE chairperson Anita Karwal, said he wouldn't leave till he had answered all questions. He began by saying that "There are no perfect solutions to the problem we faced", adding a number of similar sounding non-assurances later, such as "Nobody can guarantee anything in this world."

He divided his announcement into two parts. The first involved the dates for the re-exams (detailed above) and the second, about ascertaining what went wrong.

"We must prioritise as to what is of immediate importance. So the decision we've taken is for the child. Should we wait for the final inquiry to give relief to the children?"

On the tip-off email:

He elaborated on the situation with regards to the email that had been sent to the CBSE with a tip-off about the leak. He confirmed that the mail was indeed received and seen by the CBSE chairperson at 8:55 am, 65 minutes before the Class X Maths exam was to begin. At that point, the information was sent to the controller of examinations for verification. By the time the leak was confirmed the exam had already begun, Swarup said, adding that it was infeasible to stop the exam at that stage.

On intimation of other 'leaks': 

"Even as secretary, I've been receiving messages that the papers have been leaked. We examined it and in most cases, we found that the papers purported to have leaked weren't the original papers. Someone was playing a trick of using some question somewhere and showing it as a leaked paper. 

In each case, examination was done."

On the Class XII Economics paper leak's late announcement:

"Economics, actually, on day of exam whatever we got we verified and it was not the paper. But subsequently, we started getting a lot of emails from children telling us and showing us the paper which they had received so we got it examined. The police were of the reasonable suspicion that it may have leaked the previous day.  On that basis, on basis of the investigations, we took a call." - Anita Karwal, CBSE chairperson

Watch the CBSE briefing in the video above.

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