NASA is also taking science and knowledge from the Vedas
RP Sharma

Congress Tears Into BJP For 'Internet, Satellites Existed In Ancient India' Claim; Says It's Not Surprised. Omar Abdullah Jokes

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • The Congress party says it isn't surprised at Biplab Deb and other leaders' views on ancient Indian technology
  • Congress MP Sushmita Dev and JKNC chief Omar Abdullah have hit out at and poked fun at Deb and others who have backed him
  • The Tripura CM and two other leaders have so far said that Internet, satellites, TV and aeroplanes were innovated in 'ancient' India

The Congress party has slammed Tripura chief minister Biplab Deb and other leaders who have made, backed and added to ridiculous statements about ancient India's 'tech prowess'.

Congress MP Sushmita Dev, speaking to reporters, called Biplab Deb out, but said that she was not surprised by his statement: 

"I'm not surprised. Prime Minister Modi had said there was plastic surgery during Ganesha's time. So it makes sense", Dev said. 

She added: "The people of Tripura made Biplab Deb CM. Now the future of Tripura is in doubt, based on the things Biplab Deb is saying"

Meanwhile, JKNC chief and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah poked fun at Biplab Deb and others' remarks, tweeting:

The incident was triggered when Biplab Deb, speaking at an event in Agartala, had said that Sanjaya narrating the events at the Mahabharata battlefield to the blind Dhritarashtra meant that they had access to Internet and satellites.

He said that while US and Europe may claim these inventions, they were really innovated in ancient India lakhs of years ago.

"This is that country in which Sanjaya was sitting and telling Dhritarashtra what was happening in the Mahabharat war. That means technology was there! Internet was there, satellite was there... How can he see through Sanjaya's eyes? This means that technology was there at that time. What happened in the middle, we don't know, but at that time, this technology was there. I congratulate you people that you are doing this work, but you weren't the first ones to do it. This innovation was done in this country lakhs of years ago. I am proud to be born in this country that was running first in technology in the world. Today some European country or US can say that the technology is theirs, but this technology isn't theirs, it's ours."

Tripura's governor Tathagata Roy then backed Biplab Deb, adding aeroplanes and extrasensory perception to the list of technologies that were prototyped and studied in that period.

Finally, a BJP MP from Assam, RP Sharma, thanked Biplab Deb for bringing it to the public's attention, and added the television to the list of technologies that were available in ancient (mythological) India. 

He further accused NASA of taking science and knowledge from the Vedas.

"I thank Biplabji for bringing this to the public field. His name is Biplab and so he'll do Biplab (revolutionary) things only. In Mahabharat, Sanjaya had played the role of a TV. Dhritarashtra was blind so the Mahabharata war that was happening in Kurukshetra, he used to see and transmit it (to Dhritarashtra ). It's not only Ramayan Mahabharat times, all the science in the Vedas are not there in the world. NASA is taking science from the Vedas also."

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